Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is goodbye...not. [edited]

Salam. Hello peeps.

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Have a nice day!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Melancholic Comeback

Salam. Hey peeps.

Here I am making a comeback in blogging. 


Yeah. Supposedly i want to make an ecstatic comeback.
Oh well, with the nice blog caption that i came up with above 
there and Domo-kun on the side. I predicted or may have imagined 
it to be a simple and sweet and welcoming comeback.

But then, some things happened.

(Photo credit to C.)

A friend of mine had just lost her beloved grandma.
Though i'm not in her shoes, somehow
i can imagine how she feels at this very moment.
Compassion. Yes. That's the word.

Dear V,
My condolence to you and your family.
Be strong dear. We are here with you
giving all the support and love that you need.
*Lots of hugs*

Let us all pray for her.

(Model credit to C.)

There's another thing that contribute to my melancholic mood
tonight. But for now, let me just keep that to myself.

All in all, i'd say i'm very motivated to start blogging again.
I'll probably write about the reasons of my comeback
in my next entry.

(All photos but the one in the middle of the right is taken by C.
That one in the middle, the credit goes to N.)

I'm welcoming all followers, visitors, stalkers (er..i don't 
really need one...but whatever), blogwalkers or whatever you 
might call it and their comments, critiques, mumbles, rambles etc.

So. Here, have a piece of my life.
Enjoy! =)